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With an endless array of applications, let us make your life easier.

With a total of 720,000 range measurements per second and range accuracy of 2cm, makes our drones a perfect solution for aerial survey grade data acquisition in ANY environment.

Additionally, our drones are equipped with a 24 MP Sony camera that is co-aligned with the LiDAR sensor to capture RGB photos while you fly. Giving us the ability to colorize your LiDAR data and offer you a 3D rendering.

Providing you the most value, faster than ever.



Completed in DAYS not weeks. We are here to help speed up and lower the cost of land surveying and mapping services while maintaining an incredibly high level of precision and accuracy.


Planimetrics combines superior artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quality control to create highly accurate planimetric deliverables. We can offer between 1"=20', 1"=40', or 1"=100' to determine the level of detail you require.

Mining Plant


Our Drone Volumetric Service allows you to quickly make accurate measurements of stockpiles and excavations. We can also provide 3D CAD files that allow for cut-fill analysis reports.


Using our industrial platforms with inspection specific sensors allows us to provide accurate and reliable inspections while eliminating costly false positives. From power lines, wind turbines, and solar farms to hydroelectric facilities, and oil & gas pipelines. We have you covered. 

Sustainable Energy
Golf Field


Incredible accuracy for an endless number of applications. From a 2cm accurate topographic contour map of your entire course to a 3D rendering of every hole, we have you covered.


Year over year vegetation continues to encroach on our power grid. With drone LiDAR you will be able to quickly view and catalog the highest risk areas for your power-line corridor. See all of your encroachments easily on both the map and LiDAR view.

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